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A lot of us from time to time discover ourselves with an emergency dental condition, typically leading to toothache. Whether this is the outcome of disregarding to go to the dental practitioner, or having a mishap like breaking your tooth, you typically have to discover a dentist at short notice-- whether you go with a...

Accidents happen and these circumstances are inevitable. It is always best to know what to do during these times as this may mean saving of your teeth. Napa Valley Dental Group is always equipped and ready to handle dental emergencies when they happen. We have the best and highly trained team to address the immediate and...

Having a tooth knocked out at 11 - clock at night does not mean that it has to remain untreated until your dentist's office reopens in the morning. As with any emergency, dental emergencies can occur at any time of day or night when your regular dental practitioner may not be working. Having a dental...

The average person eats 3 meals a day, surely with a snack here and there. Over the course of a year, or even a life-time, that's quite a lot of activity for an adult's set of teeth. Unfortunately we only get one set, so it's important to handle unexpected dental emergencies with care. Here at...

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