Having a tooth knocked out at 11 - clock at night does not mean that it has to remain untreated until your dentist's office reopens in the morning. As with any emergency, dental emergencies can occur at any time of day or night when your regular dental practitioner may not be working. Having a dental practitioner available to you 24 hours a day can be extremely beneficial in maintaining oral health in cases where it would cause problems to wait to visit a general dental professional.

How is an emergency dentist different than a regular dentist?

Typical dental professionals have set hours that occur during the weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but emergency dental professionals are available 24 hours a day. Emergency dental professionals are skilled in handling dental emergencies quickly and with the best methods to stop any further damage. An emergency dental practitioner, in most cases, will be able to see a patient immediately and begin to work on repairing damage to the teeth. A general dentist may already have a full schedule of patients for the day and have difficulty fitting you in for an examination and quick repair. Both regular dental professionals and those designated to help with emergencies are well-trained and skilled in fixing oral health problems, but an emergency dentist has a much wider availability to fix issues.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Being aware of what dental emergencies are can allow you to filter out when you should see a dentist immediately or when it will not be detrimental to health to wait until the following day. One of the most common dental emergencies is having a tooth knocked out or broken. When this occurs, it is important to meet with a dentist as soon as possible or else one can suffer nerve damage as well as further damage to the gums. Injuries to the gums are also important in taking care of as soon as possible, as an open wound can attract bacteria thusly causing severe infection. A small cut may be able to wait until the following day to check on oral health, but a large or deep cut in gum tissue can cause a lot of damage to oral health. When injured orally, take into consideration all the new risks that have emerged and decide whether it needs a visit with a dental professional. If unsure, give a call to an emergency dental professional and see if they have insight into the problem and whether it needs emergency care.

What are the benefits of having an emergency dentist?

Having an emergency dentist available reduces uncertainty, allowing peace of mind in the event of an unexpected problem in oral health. Fixing severe dental problems as soon as possible reduces the risk that it will develop infection or that the problem will worsen. Oral emergencies are just as important as emergencies in other parts of the body, and taking care of them promptly is vital in maintaining health. Visit best emergency dentist in Napa at Napa Valley Dental Group, Call our office at [phone_number], if it is after regular hours the answering service will connect our doctors to you directly to answer your questions here at Napa Valley Dental Group.

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