Holiday Feasting With Your FastBraces

Have you decided to embark on your teeth alignment process using FastBraces? If so, congratulations to you! You’ve chosen the advanced dental technology, which significantly reduces your treatment time while wearing braces. Your treatment time will only last approximately 20 weeks.

If your FastBraces process falls over the holiday season there are food considerations that you will want to keep in mind as you’re planning your menu for your feasts.

You’ll want to avoid hard foods such as ice, hard candy, suckers and nuts. Popcorn is a no-no because the hulls get under your braces and can cause gum infections. Sticky foods such as taffy, caramels and power bars can compromise the effectiveness of your FastBraces.

Carefully consume apples. Consider slicing your applies or making yummy holiday applesauce with them. Cut your carrots into small pieces to enjoy. Enjoy your corn off the cob until your braces are removed.

As you’re feasting on foods for the holidays, use your common sense when deciding which foods you can eat, and those that you need to stay away from. The smile benefits of your FastBraces process will far outweigh the sacrifices of some festive food choices for a short time.

Call Napa Valley Dental today to see if this new orthodontic technology is right for you. FastBraces may be the solution for your smile dissatisfaction. Book your appointment with us today. Dr. Bhullar wish you a happy and safe holiday season with your friends and family. We look forward to serving you in 2018 as well.

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