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As all of you know, our vision here at Napa Valley Dental Group is to partner with patients with the goal of achieving long-term oral and overall health for all those we are honored to serve. In light of the current novel coronavirus/COVID-19 concerns affecting us here in the US and abroad, we wanted to...

With More than 40 years of combined Dental Experience, we pride ourself in providing honest and quality dental treatment to our patients for all ages. For us patient satisfaction is utmost important. Dr. Bhullar is well qualified and provide wide array of dental procedures raging from General Dentistry to more complex treatments like Implants and...

The beauty of your smile is not just a reflection of your personality and how you look to the world. Your smile is also the mirror to your oral health as well as your general health, which explains why it is very important that you address imperfections and flaw affecting how your teeth look. One...

Wisdom Teeth Extractions normally involves minor surgical procedure. Most wisdom teeth are impacted in the bone and need some bone manipulation to remove them. At Napa Valley Dental Group we do offer Wisdom Teeth Extraction under Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Contact us at [phone_number]  

We here at Napa Valley Dental Group offer best quality dental Implants for single missing tooth or permanent replacement of several missing teeth. We use latest technology to offer best treatment at affordable prices. Call for your free dental implant consolation at [phone_number] or email us at:- to request for an appointment.    ...

Lumineers can be an excellent solution Embarrassed to smile? That's the biggest reason patients come into my office for cosmetic dentistry work. It is very common to have teeth that are cracked, uneven, crooked or badly stained. As a dentist, I am as concerned about the aesthetic aspects of my patient's teeth as I am...

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