Custom Mouth Guards

If you play a sport you run the risk of getting injured. The thrill of the win and competitive spirit in most of us drive us to compete anyway. Dental injuries are a common occurrence. According to the US National Library of Medicine, “greater than 5 million teeth are avulsed in the United States every year.”

A custom mouth guard is proven to assist in protecting your teeth from sports injury. There are many benefits to getting custom mouth guard sized to your mouth specifications. At Napa Valley Dental Group we create your mouth guard by getting an impression of your teeth, then having a mold created from the impression.

When your mouth guard is made just for you it is comfortable and secure, it allows you to want to wear it for your most heated sports moments on the field or court. Over-the-counter mouth guards typically do not fit well or feel comfortable. When your over-the-counter mouth guard is ill fitting, it deters you from wanting to wear it. And, we all know that a mouth guard not worn, serves no effective purpose whatsoever.

A custom mouth guards allows you to:

  • Focus on winning the game, and not the annoyance of your mouth guard.
  • Breathe freely because it’s custom-fitted to your mouth to not obstruct your breathing.
  • Feel secure that your mouth guard will function properly and stay in its place.

If you’re an athlete or have a mighty little athlete in your family, call Napa Valley Dental Group today. We offer athletic mouth guards and other custom guards to protect your teeth.

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