Let’s Talk About Your Bad Breath

Bad breath is never a welcome occurrence. However, when it happens nearly every day or easily returns just hours or minutes after brushing, there may be cause for concern. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a very embarrassing condition. It is difficult to endure, much less talk about. Unfortunately, if you don’t discuss it with your dentist, you may be leaving a serious oral health problem untreated.

Chronic bad breath is more than just garlic breath after eating Italian. This type of bad breath lingers and is only masked with things like peppermints, gum and breath spray. Most importantly, chronic halitosis can be a signal that your dental health needs attention. Gum disease, severe decay and abscesses are just a few of the oral health problems that can contribute to foul breath.

The best and fastest way to fresher, more confident breath is to share your concern with your dentist at your routine dental checkup. Bad breath is initiated when excessive bacteria builds up in the mouth. Bacteria and plaque can cling to your gums and teeth, as well as the many grooves of your tongue’s surface. When bacteria is not removed in a timely manner, it feeds and breeds. Unfortunately, this process produces a foul, sulfur smelling compound in result. This is the why poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of bad breath.

Your halitosis remedy may be as simple as a professional dental cleaning, which is more thorough and effective than a simple brushing session at home. Others may need to up their dental hygiene routine, by brushing longer, flossing more or cleaning their tongue on a regular basis. There are some patients, however, that may require periodontal therapy to reverse gum disease or a root canal to remove an infection. Regardless of the reason for your bad breath, you should know that there are dental treatments to address it – for good.

Do you often stand away from others because you are self-conscious about your breath odor? Has bad breath been the reason you missed a promotion at work or didn’t get that second date? We urge you to talk to your dentist. At Napa Valley Dental Group, we offer a complete menu of treatment options and services to restore your oral health and eliminate halitosis. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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